top 6 dressmaking tips

6 dressmaking tips for perfect sewing

“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

-[ Arnauld, Angelique]

If you were looking for some of the quick tips that can help you for a perfect sewing, you are at the right place! Below are few tips that will help you in sewing. following these tips will definitely give you a positive result.


A dress can be designed using any fabric, but designing the dress using the right fabric makes it perfect! There are a variety of fabrics available in the market. Check out our post types of fabric for dressmaking. Your entire work has to bring you satisfactory at the end. Choosing a wrong fabric might bring you a loss. Also, changing the fabric in between your work is not encouraged. Buy only the required amount of fabric and do not buy excess .Buy as per your pattern and design and creative. Have an idea prior to shopping .Decide on which fabric suits your design and purpose.


It is a common rule to pre-wash the fabric ,there are few sorts of fabric that shrink when washed and dried. It might bring changes in the color and dimension of the fabric.Therefore it is important to wash the fabric prior to working on it ,else it may create distortion in a finished guilt. Washing only means to wash with water alone or by using a mild detergent. Finally a quick iron will remove the wrinkles and will make the fabric look better.


Cutting the fabric in a proper way is definitely a skill. It is important to use a good quality and sharp tools to cut the fabric. Similarly,it is also important to maintain the tools in a proper condition .Be sure about the measurements in which you are going to cut the fabric. An expensive cloth may go in vain if you do not cut the fabric in the proper measurement. If you are cutting doesn’t go right the dress may not on hang on you nicely. It is important to establish the correct grain-line of the fabric so you can line up your sewing pattern correctly.


Having a good sewing machine is again another important factor. Many varieties of sewing machines are available in different prices and with different features in the market. Choose the machine according your budget and level of use and with required features. Make sure that the machine is of good quality which lasts for longer time. Choose a sewing machine that has enough built-in stitches to bring out your creativity at its best. Make sure that the machine is neither too heavy nor too light. A light weight machine may vibrate when the motor runs in high speed and heavy weighing machine may be hard to dislocate and handle.


It is a good practice to write down the procedures or steps in which you are going to proceed stitching. Decide in prior the designs and styles you want to add on your fabric.Doing this will help you avoid confusion in between and give a smooth progress in stitching efficiently.


Once you are done with stitching your fabric in the required design, you need to make sure that you give it a proper finishing. When you back stitch at the start of a seam and while ending it, you will be leaving a lot of thread tails .clip them off.The excess thread may give a bad look on your fabric.Check for the excess threads and trim them away.

The perfect ending to any day,race or project is to finish strong

Gary Ryan Blair

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