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Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.

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Below are the most noted techniques to improve your way of creative design and fashion to make your fabric. Dive in!

  • Applique

Applique is a basic needle and thread working or ornamental needlework in which bits or patches of fabric in various forms and design are stitched on a sizable piece to create a picture or pattern.

That is, the garments that are of different shapes and dimension and sewn together. It is often used in decorations, specifically on fabrics. this sort of texture can be done either by hand stitching or by machine. This helps us to create advanced enlightened designs without extra work.

  • Patchwork

Patch work is also called as pieces work. It is an art or craft needlework in which small pieces of cloth in variety of designs, colors or textures are stitched together to create a larger project such as a guilt. It is framed by using different elements so as to appear chromatic or colorful. The shapes are carefully measured and cut commonly in a geometric shape making them easy to piece together. It is used to make guilt, bags, walls hangings, warm jackets, waistcoats and other items.

  • Embroidery

Embroidery is the skill of decorating fabric using needle to apply thread to yarn. Here is all you need to know about embroidery.





  • Beading/Beadwork

Bead-work is the art or craft of fastening beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and a thread or thin wear, or by directly sewing them onto cloth. Beads come in variety of materials and shapes. Commonly used beads are seed beads, cylinder beads, crystal beads, bugle beads.

  • Macrame

Macrame is a form of textile or design that is made using knotting techniques instead of weaving, or knitting. Fabrics used here include cords formed by using cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather or yarn. It is commonly used way in creating wall hangings, clothing, necklaces etc.

  • Fabric trims or ribbon embroidery

Fabric trim or trimming in clothing or home decorating is to apply ornaments such as gimp, decorative trimming such as tassels, braids and ribbons. It enhances the beauty of the garments and draws attention of buyers.

  • Fabric painting

It is a method or technique in creating colorful pictures, patterns and designs on fabric using paints, brushes, markers or stencils. In paintings done on silk a design is drawn on fabric and traced with a resist; a thick liquid that repels paint.Though you can use fabric paint on any cloth of your choice, choosing fabrics like natural fibers with an even, tight weave, such as cotton, denim or silk you’ll achieve the best results on your pain. Colors will be evocative, realistic and brilliant against white fabrics, but other light colors are also effective.

  • Fabric flowers and fabric bows

Fabric flowers or bows are method of decorating or ornamenting your fabric. If you are very creative designer then you can design flower shaped and bow shaped accessories using glossy or other fabric material and sew it on our fabric. This makes the dress look prettier and beautiful. it is often seen in frocks, skirts and gowns.

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