Red Ladies Party wear

Red Ladies Party Wear

This is a Party wear from Joba Creations, we are giving the details how to make this dress. You can learn with joba creations. If you have any doubt and confusions please feel free to email us

Product information

Design Name : Joba P1000

Color : Red and Black

Fabric : Net and Satin

Occasion : party 

Work : embroidery 

Measurements of front and back

0-1 =full length +seam+4cm bottom
0-2 =1/4th chest
0-3 =1/2sh +seam 3sq down 4 cm
2-5 =1/4th chest +4cm
0-8 =1/12th chest
0-9 =10cm give front neck shape ND 15cmfor back neck shape for yoke from 5-6
3-7 =1.5cm down for shoulder folding join 7-11 B is the midpoint of 7-4 give armhole shape 7-B-5
4-11 =1.5cm inside
1-12 =1/4 W. R + 4 cm

Party wear structure Front side
skirt back part

Skirt measurements

0-1 =full length + 2cm for seam
1-2 =2cm buttom folding
0-3 =1/2W.R +seam (2cm) +33cm for pleated 3sq down. 4 or 5

Party wear skirt structure

Final REsult

Red Ladies Party wear
Pre sketch of red ladies party wear

If you have any doubts, suggestions or anything else about the party wear,  please let us know in the comments. 


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