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party wear-long skirt with crop top

Hello sunshine! Welcome back to Joba creations! Pull up your socks as here we are with our newly designed party wear.Check out the beautiful long-skirt with crop top made of net ,satin and cotton fabrics in the perfect color combo of orange and gold! Isn’t it jaw dropping?

Satin is a beautiful fabric as it is fluid, glossy and has a good drape. It is formed with a satin weave using filament fibers such as silk, polyester, or nylon. Net or netting is the fabric in which the yarns are fused, looped, or knotted at the intersection, developing a fabric with open spaces connecting the yarns. Cotton fabric falls under the natural woven cellulose fabric. It is light, thin and soft, cotton is a relatively cheap material so is often used for a multitude of different textile projects. It can withstand heat,detergents and bleach.

A long skirt or a maxi skirt is a kind of dress ,ending below the middle of the calf but above the ankle. A crop top or midriff top is a kind of top that exposes the waist or navel. Wearing a crop top is an easy way to stay cool and be in style!

If you are looking for a party wear with dazzling and dramatic design ,then this must be one of your choices! Crack it out and also endeavor mix and match with long skirts and create your own blend of style!

Hoping you loved it. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.


Product Information

Color : Orange And Gold
Fabric : Net , satin ,and cotton
Occasion : Party

Construction Details

Front and Back part

0-1 =full length +seam +4cm bottom
0-2 =1/4th chest -4cm
0-3 =1/2sh + seam 3sq down 4cm
2-5 =1/4chest +4cm
0-8 =1/12th chest
0-9 =10cm give front neck shape and 15cm for back neck shape from for yoke from 5-6
3-7 =2cm down for shoulder folding join 7-11. B is the midpoint of 7-4 give armhole shape 7-B-5
4-11 =1.5cm inside
1-12 =1/4th w.r +4cm

Joba Creations - sewing guide

Waist band

0-1 =waist band width + seam
0-2 =1/4th waist round +2cm 2sqdown 3
2-4 =1.5cm sq up join 4-0

Joba Creations - sewing guide

Skirt part

0 -1 =1/12 waist round + seam
0-2 =same has 0-1
1-3 =full length +seam +4cm for bottom folding
0-4 =same as 1-3 4sq down 5 join 3 give cure shape from 4 -5

Joba Creations - sewing guide

Final Result

Joba Creations - sewing guide
Joba Creations - sewing guide
Joba Creations - sewing guide

Thank you, Hope you like it, If you have any doubts or any suggestions please let us know in comment section. 

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