By joba Creations

Ladies Short casual frock

A beautiful Ladies short casual Frock by Joba Creations that you can sew yourself from home. Poly Cotton is used here,  it has many advantages, such as wrinkle resistance, strong, durable, breathable and cheaper than 100 percentage cotton . You can choose the pattern as your wish when buying the material, the basic measurements are given below, hope you like it. Happy sewing! 

Skirt part

0-1 =1/12waist round +seam 

0-2 =same has 0-1 

1-3 =full length +seam +4cm for bottom folding 

0-4 =same as 1-3 4sq down 5 join 3 give cure shape from 4-5

Skkirt part by joba creations

Construction of front part

0-1 =full length +seam+4cm bottom 

0-2 =1/4th chest 

0-3 =1/2sh +seam 3sq down 4 cm

2-5 =1/4th chest +4cm

0-8 =1/12th chest

0-9 =15cm give front neck shape 

3-7 =1.5cm down for shoulder folding join 7-11 B is the midpoint of 7-4 give armhole shape 7-B-5

4-11 =1.5cm inside 

1-12 =1/4 W. R + 4 cm

Front Part by joba creations

Waist belt

0-1 =waist band width belt+seam

0-2 =1/4th waist round +2cm 2sq down 3

2-4 =1.5sq up join 4 to 0

waist by joba creations

Final Result

Thank you, Hope you like it, If you have any doubts or any suggestions please let us know in comment section. 

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