Jumpsuit Casual Wear for Ladies

Jump in, we are awesome! Here we are with our next fashion dressmaking. Check out the jumpsuit made out of the poly cotton fabric. Aren’t you loving it? Jumpsuit also known as the play-suit or romper is a an outfit integrating trousers and a sleeved top in a single piece which is usually worn as a fashion suit, protective costume or uniform.

Poly-cotton is a mixture of natural cotton and synthetic polyester. Usually the mix has a ratio of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Poly-cotton is an excellent choice for dressmaking as they are less expensive ,durable and very easy to care for.

Jumpsuits are for sure a symbol of style. The head-to-toe , all in one outfit designs a distinct and stunning look that goes beyond a simple dress or other fashionable domain.It is a perfect option if you are habituated to wearing pants and want to modernize your 2020 wardrobe!


Product Information

Color : Black Checks
Fabric : Poly Cotton
Occasion : Casual Wear


0-1 =full length +seam+4cm bottom
0-2 =1/4th chest
0-3 =1/2sh +seam 3sq down 4 cm
2-5 =1/4th chest +4cm
0-8 =1/12th chest
0-9 =15cm give front neck shape ND 15cm for back neck shape for yoke from 5-6
3-7 =1.5cm down for shoulder folding join 7-11 B is the midpoint of 7-4 give armhole shape 7-B-5
4-11 =1.5cm inside
1-12 =1/4 W. R + 4 cm


0 -2 =Full length -waist belt + 1cm, 2-3 .4cm for bottom folding
0 -1 =1/6th of seat
0 -4 =1/4th waist round +20cm squad down 5
5 -6 =5cm out for shape
2 -7 =1/2th of the bottom round
3 -8 =1/2th of the bottom round +1cm join 5 -7 to 8
8 -A, 7-B, 6 -c =2cm for inlay

Waist belt

0 -1 =4cm top folding
1 -2 =1/6th of seat + 4cm
0 – 3 =1/4th waist round + 2.5cm down to 4-5

Final Result

Back side

Thank you, Hope you like it, If you have any doubts or any suggestions please let us know in comment section. 

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