Gorgeous Beautiful Traditional Indian Wear

Welcome to Joba Creations, here it is our next a gorgeous beautiful traditional wear design. Cotton is used here,  it has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort and it is also hypoallergenic, weatherproof and is a durable fabric. you can choose the pattern as your wish when buying the material, the basic measurements are given below, hope you like it. Happy sewing! 

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Product Information

Color : Gold and cream white
Fabric : Cotton
Occasion : Traditional Wear

Construction Details

Back part

0-1 =full length +seam[1cm]
0-2 =3cm for bottom folding
0-3 =1/4chest -4cm
3-4 =1/4chest +2.5cmsq down 5
0-6 =1/2 shoulder -1cm sq down 7
0-9 =1/12 chest + 1cm for seam
0-8 =1/12chest + 10 -12cm
6-10 =1.5for shoulder slope join 9-10 give back armhole shape from 10-4 dart -11 is the midpoint of 2-4
11-12 =1/8chest for dart length
11 -a ND 11-b = 1.5 CM each for dart with join a-12 ND b-12
1-13 =1/4 waist round +2.5 cm
2-14 =1/4 waist round +2.5cm
4-16 =2cm for inlay
13 -17 =2cm each for inlay join 4-13-14 ND 16-17-18
14 -18 =2cm

Joba creations design measurements

Front part

0-1 =full length +2cm (seam) -waist band width
0-2 =1/4 chest -1cm
0-3 =1/2shoulder -1cm
2-4 =1/4 chest +2.5cm
0-6 =1/12chest + seam or required width
0-9 =required front neck depth (2-9 is 2.5cm)
3-7 =1.5cm for shoulder slope ‘x’is the mid point of 7-5
X-x1 =1cm drag the line 7-y
6-8 =8 -10cm or according to the depth of the neck
1-10 =1.5cm join 9-10-11
11-12 =9cm
J =is the mid point of 10 -12
J-k =1.5cm for depth
J-a ND j -b =1.5cm for dart width
J-c =1/8th chest for dart length or 5cm
4-15 ND 11 -15 =2cm each for inlay join 4-11 ND 4-15
10-11 =19cm

Joba creations design measurements

Waist band

0-1 =waist band width + seam
0-2 =1/4th waist round +2cm 2sqdown 3
2-4 =1.5cm sq up join 4-0

Joba creations design measurements

Skirt part

0-1 =full length + 2cm for seam
1-2 =2cm buttom folding
0-3 =1/2W.R +seam (2cm) +33cm for pleated 3sq down. 4 or 5

Joba creations design measurements

Final Result

joba creations designs sketch

Thank you, Hope you like it, If you have any doubts or any suggestions please let us know in comment section. 

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