avoidable embroidery mistakes

Avoidable Embroidery Mistakes

Every passion has its learning Periods. Avoiding mistakes can save you time, money and frustration. Even though mistakes do happens in our life, and try to understanding and learning from the mistakes is a first steps to success.

Review these mistakes and try to avoid on your next embroidery project.

Avoidable embroidery mistakes

Eye and hand coordination, color theory, design and planning sills, manual dexterity and manipulative skill makes you the best in the field embroidery. Be sure of the design and the fabric you are going to use in prior. Changing the fabric or the design in the half-way of your work might affect the efficiency and you may not get the desired result.

Choose the right needle and thread by considering its size, colour and strength before starting your work. Using appropriate stitch selection, short stitches on corners, making sure if the stitch is balanced, correct weight and type of embroidery all have a major impact on your design.

Use of hoop; Take the time to put the fabric in the hoop carefully; tighten the hoop and the fabric gradually until you have a firm, even surface. Make sure that the weave of the fabric is not affected until the hoop is removed.

Mark your design prior by using a water soluble marker or chalk piece which can be removed later. Marking your design prior can reduce the risk in committing mistakes while crafting. It also gives you a perfect shape to your design.

If laundering is required after the embroidery on your fabric, check on the quality of the thread or embroidery floss used because few thread or floss may change its dimension, colour and other factors on wash.

Avoid knots in embroidery else it may give a bad look on your dress. In case, you happened to commit a mistake in your work, do not rush to correct it instead analyze your mistake and choose the best way to correct it, so that it looks neat and perfect. Keep your fabric and design neat and tidy!

Future scope in embroidery is up to the passion of an individual. To jump into, you only need a basic pattern for beginners!

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think more talented than you know and capable of more than you imagine

Roy I Bennett

Comment down which of these mistakes you have done before and also tell us which mistake you have done other than mentioned below.

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