10 types of fashion styles

10 different types of fashion styles

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it

  • Street wear style

Street wear is a elegance of casual attire which became universal in 1990’s. It is disposable, nasty and often unflattering. The street wear subculture has been throughout for decades. Initially street wear was a way to trace comfortable clothing but social media and the rise of fashion fame have recently brought it in to the lead of fashion. Street-wear involves production, promotion, sale and resale of informal or casual fashion; principally of footwear, such as sneakers, t-shirt and other items.

In street-wear cotton fabric is used to make hoodies, beanies, sweaters and pants. Linen is used to make street suits for summer and can be quite expensive. Silk is used to sew women’s street-suits and street pants which are expensive and also difficult to sew. Street wear will always make you look good and feel good.

Red Haired Woman in White and Black Floral Sleeveless Maxi Dress

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  • Ethnic wear style

Ethnic flair make reference to any original style encouraged that welcome, hold and constitute a culture and let one to celebrate her patrimony or legacy and genesis of a specific geographical area..It shares the typical culture attribute of a group in a society. It is however not only imported designers who have taken inspiration by the most of the artistic form .If you are passionate and creative enough in the field of fashion then you can definitely try the fusion of ethnic styles. It is possible to create surprising yet very charming elements.

Few ethnic wears of India are Ghagra-choli, dhoti-kurta, salwar-suit, kurta pajama, and saree. Cotton, silk, Georgette, crepe, chiffon are the fabrics used to make Indian ethnic.

Woman in Red and Gold Sari Dress
  • Formal office wear and business wear

The typical dress code in a business formal environment is a right matching business suit,including a jacket and dress pants or dress skirt.The darker the suit ,the more formal it looks. For women, a suit or skirt top and jacket in a conservative neutral color such as black, brown or navy else collared button up shirts that is of any solid color which is dark or nude hosiery can be worn as a formal wear.

Pure cotton goes well with formal shirts. Most formal men’s dress pants are made of woven wool or woolen blends. Gray flannel trousers are a long-standing classic as the color suits best and the fabric is comfortable and durable.

Woman Interviewing a Man
  • Sports wear

Sportswear or active wear is an attire including footwear, worn for sports or physical exercise. Sport specified clothing is worn for most of the sports and physical exercise for practical comfort or safety reasons. Sports fabric is technical material which help to keep the wearer comfortable during exercise for example yoga clothing should be exceptionally stretchable which will likely require the fabric to be knitted construction. Apparel for long distance running will keep the wearer in good condition if it has excellency in moisture wicking properties to enable sweat to transfer from the inside to the outside of garment.

Typical sport specific garments constitute tracksuit, shorts,T-shits and polo shirts. Specialized garments include swimsuits for swimming, wet suits for diving or surfing, skimpy outfits for gymnasts. Commonly used materials are cotton calico, microfiber, synthetic, bamboo fiber, gore Tex, polyester which is durable,lightweight, breathable, and non absorbent , nylon as it has best sweat wicking breathable and is super stretchy.

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  • Maternity style

Maternity attire is worn by women as an alternation to changes in body size during pregnancy, the advancement of maternity clothing started in the Middle Ages and began fashionable as women became choosier about style and comfort in the types of clothing. The fabrics used are linen which is light and coolest fabric of all and also comfortable and airy, Cotton is soft elasticity and strength very comfy and very smooth , 100% polyester known for high quality, stretchy and light weight.

Photo Of Pregnant Woman Standing On Field
  • Preppy style

Preppy style originates from the youth subculture of classic. In other words it is simply a style of attire that boasts classic colors, prints and apparel. A matching mini suit and blazer combination with check patterns, buttons, high boots, straight leg chinos or khakis, polo shirts, button-down oxfords, Henley shirts paired with sports jackets, crew neck sweaters and plaid short skirts markers of a preppy look.

Stylish black model in straw hat
  • Kawai fashion

Kawai is a Japanese word which refers to “lovely”, “loved”, “cute” or “adorable”. It is the culture in Japan, the cuteness culture or kawai as become an eminent feature in Japanese popular culture. It makes you look like “magical girl” as it the best style to gain insight into kawai looks and style.

  • Modest fashion

The term modest fashion make reference to a fashion vogue in women of wearing less skin disclosing clothes, especially in a way that assure the spiritual and stylistic demand for the reason of faith, religion or personal reference. It is basically loose clothing, comfortable wearing and covering of the body according persons own inherent.

woman in white hijab and white long sleeve shirt

The term modest fashion make reference to a fashion vogue in women of wearing less skin disclosing clothes, especially in a way that assure the spiritual and stylistic demand for the reason of faith, religion or personal reference. It is basically loose clothing, comfortable wearing and covering of the body according persons own inherent.

  • Haute couture

Couture is a French word which refers to dressmaking, while haute means high, these are clothing created as one off pieces for a particular client. It is handmade and customized to wearer’s requirement and measurement. As the name suggests high sewing or high dressing is needed and therefore done by talented and well skilled artisans. It is one of the most distinctive or unique item a fashion designer can produce from the rarest fabrics to the shiniest crystals and therefore making it costly. This kind of style is the creation of absolute custom-tailored clothing and high end clothing.

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  • Boho bohemian chic

Boho is short for bohemian, style of dress motivated by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies in 1960’s. Bright colors, lots of design such as floral and paisleys assorted with ethnic ornamentation like tribal prints and geometric shape is a markers of this style. It is one of those artistic forms that never truly go away. Decide on rich saturated colors like saffron, ruby, bright pink. Magenta and golden yellow to make it look more enchanting, delightful and striking.

Boho bohemian chic incorporates more of luxurious fabrics like velvet, satin, ans silk. It combines hippie garments like bell-bottom pants, long skirts, vests ,large blouse.

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